Gold Loan

The idea of a gold loan is simple; you pledge your gold articles and get the loan amount in lieu. To do so, you have to visit Jijau Bank with the gold ornaments you want to pledge and the required documents. The lender performs gold purity checks and determines its weight on the basis of which it evaluates its market value. So, it offers you the twin benefits of quick disbursal and also a lower interest rate. The processing fee in the case of gold loans is much lower and in some cases, it is as low as zero. Jijau bank charge about 0.25 percent on processing fees towards gold loans and Fees charged by valuers are based on actual costs.

Documents Required

  • Complete KYC
  • Saving account
  • Gold Purchased Receipt if available
  • Valuation Report

Gold Loan Valuer

Name Shri. Pradip Sherekar
Contact : 9284719978
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