RTGS means Real Time Gross Settlement.The RTGS system accepts future value dated transactions from the remitting bank for settlement on RTGS working days up to three days' in advance. RTGS is a credit-push system i.e., transactions can be originated by the payer / remitted / sender only to pay / transfer / remit funds to a beneficiary. For RTGS Amount to be transferred must be above 200000/- (Two Lack).

The minimum amount transferred can be as low as Rs. 1 while for other fund transfer option like RTGS, there is a minimum limit of Rs. 2 Lakh. There is no maximum amount assigned by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for NEFT Transactions.

Up To 2 Lack RS. 4 only
2 Lack To 5 Lack Rs. 17 only
Above 5 Lack Rs. 24 only